While there are plenty of free TV streaming services, YouTube is arguably the most popular one since it’s owned by Google. Launched in 2006, the video-sharing platform allows users to upload their favorite content including videos, music, and images. You can also watch these videos on your phone or tablet as long as you have an Internet connection.

Is YouTube the perfect free TV streaming service for you? Consider these answers to help you find out.

The Pros

There are plenty of pros to be had from using YouTube. First off, it’s definitely free. The Google-owned platform doesn’t charge you to use it as long as you’re adding value to the community. You can also set up alerts to be notified whenever your favorite content is uploaded so you don’t miss out on new releases.

Another advantage of using YouTube is that it’s easy to use and provides a convenient way to discover new content. When you log onto the platform, you’re presented with a variety of trending topics and viral stories. Simply browse through the lists and if you find something that strikes your fancy, click on it and the corresponding video will be played.

Since YouTube is such a large platform with billions of videos, it’s always going to have something fun, interesting, or useful for you to watch. The platform is constantly evolving and new features are being added all the time. One of the more recent updates is called ‘Reveal’, which displays related videos and comments for the current video you’re watching. For example, let’s say you’re watching a news clip about President Trump’s tweets and you want to learn more about the matter, you can click on the ‘Reveal’ button and related videos will appear. You can then click on one of these to learn more.

The Cons

While there are certainly perks to using YouTube, it isn’t without its cons. First off, it can be a little difficult to get used to. Since YouTube is essentially a big library of videos, it can be hard to find the content you’re looking for. Some people even complain that the sheer volume of videos on the platform makes it difficult to find content that suits their interests.

Another con is that the platform isn’t for everybody. If you have a keen interest in certain topics, you can find a lot of great content on other platforms. For example, if you have an interest in fashion, you could explore the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or other high-profile fashion events. On the YouTube platform, you’re mostly limited to the topics that interest you. So, if you want to explore British politics, you have to be content with the results of British elections.

Additionally, since it’s a community-driven platform, you’re bound to find a lot of content that includes language you might not be familiar with. For example, if you want to watch a cooking video, but you’re not sure what some of the words mean, you might end up struggling to follow along. Or, if you’re searching for a movie to watch, you might come across content containing mature content which isn’t suitable for younger viewers. To prevent underage viewers from accessing inappropriate content, Google recently started policing content on the platform. So, if you want to find something suitable for the whole family, make sure to check the category of the video or the description beforehand.

Which Type of Content do You prefer?

So, if you want to find out what type of content you prefer, check out the videos on your phone or tablet’s YouTube app. You can do this by going to the menu and choosing ‘My Videos’ or ‘Explore’. From here, you can see a list of all the content that YouTube has available. Simply tap on the video you want to see more information about and you’ll be brought to the video’s page. You can then tap the ‘Watch’ button to begin streaming the video to your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can hit the ‘Info’ button to get more information about the video or follow the link to one of YouTube’s many sources of information about the subject matter.

How old are You?

The other day, I was searching for a kids’ movie that my kids would enjoy and came across the Toy Story series. Since these are classic films, I figured it was a good opportunity for them to learn more about World War II. So I began streaming the first movie in the series, Toy Story, to my phone’s YouTube app. As soon as the video began playing, my 3-year-old daughter, Charlotte, asked me if she could have a turn using the tablet’s headphones.

She had just learned to use the device and didn’t know how to work the controls, so I explained to her that the tablet had a screen and that she could watch videos on it. At first, she wasn’t entirely sure what a screen was, but once she grasped the concept, she was fascinated. So I showed her the tablet’s display and she immediately started touching the screen and trying out different apps. I then asked her what she liked about the video and she told me that it was “funny because the dog talks”. She had just learned the English words for ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ and was trying to figure out what they meant. As a parent, this is exactly the type of reaction I was hoping for. While my daughter was watching a cartoon on a screen, she learned how to say two new words and was having fun. A few minutes later, I received a text message from a friend that informed me that there were other videos in the series that I could show her. So I found the next episode in the series and showed it to her. As soon as the movie started playing, she said “dada” again. This time, it was accompanied by a broad smile.

Is the volume on your phone or tablet adjustable?

If you’re listening to music or watching a movie on your phone or tablet and find that the sound is too loud, you can always lower the volume. On the other hand, if you feel like the sound is too soft, you can always increase it. Since the sound is determined by the phone’s or tablet’s setting when you first use it, you’ll probably have to enter your phone or tablet’s IP address into Google Search to find the correct settings. Once you’ve done this, you can input the proper information and the settings will be saved for future use.

The Big Question

So, here’s the big question: is YouTube the perfect free TV streaming service for you? To help you find out, I compiled a list of the perks and cons of using the platform. While there’s no single perfect answer to this question, YouTube is a safe, accessible, and free place to explore content that you might not otherwise find. If you have an interest in a certain topic, you can virtually guarantee that there’s going to be content on YouTube that you can find. Since it’s the biggest content-sharing platform available, chances are, there’s going to be something here that can match your interests. Plus, since it’s free, you might as well give it a try.