In this article, you will discover the various ways you can integrate and use Clickfunnels with your Konnective CRM account. You will learn how to efficiently pull all your email marketing and sales funnel activities into one place so you can analyze and take action on the results.

Sign Up For a Free Account With Konnective CRM

If you’re not already a customer of Konnective, you can easily sign up for a free account with them. Simply visit their website, click the Get Started button, and follow the prompts.

One of the things you’ll need to do to get started is to choose a username and password for your account. Don’t worry, this information won’t be shared with any third parties.

When you login, you’ll see a dashboard with four tabs. The General tab is where you can manage the various account settings for your Konnective CRM account. The Marketing tab gives you access to all the email marketing and social media tools you need to build and grow your business.

Connect Your Clickfunnels Account To Your Konnective CRM Account

Once you’ve signed up for a free account with Konnective, you can connect your Clickfunnels account to it. To do this, visit the Settings tab on your Clickfunnels dashboard and select the Connected Accounts option.

In the following screen, you’ll see all the accounts you’ve connected to your Clickfunnels, along with their usernames. Simply click the connection button next to Konnective to complete the process.

Now that your accounts are connected, you can start collecting leads, analyzing data, and planning your strategy from one place. By integrating your email marketing and sales funnel activities into one place, you can gain a complete view of each stage of the funnel and track the results of your marketing efforts.

Create Leads In Your Clickfunnels Dashboard

You can also create leads in your Clicker funnels, which you can then export to your Konnective account. To do this, visit the Leads tab on your Clickfunnels dashboard and click the +New Lead button.

From here, you can customize the lead with a name, email address, phone number, and any other information you might need to complete the profile. When you’re happy with the details, click Save.

You can then choose which affiliate products you’d like to promote from your own store. When a lead clicks on an affiliate product, they’ll be brought to a special page that’s tailored to showing them products that will help them achieve their desired results.

The more you use the tool, the more you’ll learn how to optimize your results. For instance, you might notice your affiliate product click rates increase the more you promote it. You can then choose which affiliate product you’d like to promote next.

Use Your Clickfunnels Dashboard To Manage Your Campaigns

Another cool feature of Clickfunnels is that you can access all your past campaigns and analyze the results from one place. To do this, visit the campaigns tab on your Clickfunnels dashboard.

Here, you’ll see all your individual campaigns along with the details you entered when setting up the campaign. If you’ve already closed the campaign, you’ll see a message at the top of the page that reads, “This campaign has already ended.”

However, if you’ve still got open campaigns, you can choose to retrieve them all or select the ones you’d like to view. Once you’ve made your selection, click the Retrieve Campaign button at the top of the page.

Now that your campaigns are retrieved, you can select the data you’d like to see from the report. You can choose to see a summary of the entire campaign or dive into the analysis and gain even more insight into how your campaigns performed. Don’t worry, all the information is securely held and can’t be accessed by any third parties.

Use Your Clickfunnels Dashboard To Generate Analysis Reports

Another extremely useful tool in ClickFunnels is the analysis tab. Here, you can generate various reports regarding the performance of your marketing efforts. The reports are extremely helpful in figuring out what worked, what didn’t work, and what can be done to improve the results in the future.

To begin with, you can choose to see a summary of the entire sales cycle or dive into the details and gain a better understanding of the steps that led up to the sale. When you’re happy with the results, click the Save button at the top of the page.

Then, you can choose to generate a comparison report between two different periods of time or choose to see specific statistics for each stage of the funnel. For example, you might want to see how many email leads you’ve gotten and how many were convertible into customers. These are just a few of the many useful analysis reports you can generate with the data in your CRM and ClickFunnels accounts.

Use Your Clickfunnels Dashboard To Find Product Leads

Another place you can find leads is the search bar at the top of the page. Here, you can enter keywords for things such as a product or service and get search results back. To find the best results, you can choose to narrow your results by selecting a location (i.e. United States), time (i.e. recent), and language (i.e. English).

Once you’ve made your selection, click the magnifying glass to see more results. You can choose to browse through the various leads or skip to the end to find the best matches for your needs.

Another cool feature of this bar is that you can click on any result to visit that website and get a closer look at the product or service. This way, you can find the right solution for your needs without having to go from website to website (which can be very time-consuming).

Track Conversions And Upgrades Online

The last but not least, we’ve got the Conversion tab. Here, you can track all the interactions your leads have had with your website. You can view these as conversions or upgrades depending on whether you’d like to view the results as an individual or group.

When you’re looking at individual cases, you can select the Convert option and track each conversion or upgrade that person performed. If you’d like to track the results of your marketing efforts as a whole, you can choose the group option and see a summarized view of the conversions and upgrades that were recorded.

One of the things you can do from here is find the most successful marketing methods and choose to replicate them or combine them into new campaigns. For example, you can take the group of conversions that were recorded and use them as a starting point for a new campaign aimed at B2C or B2B leads.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can use ClickFunnels and Konnective CRM together. Not only will this help you take action on the results of your marketing efforts, but it will also allow you to easily see everything in one place, enhancing your productivity.